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Photos 1-6 by Strek Collective

Waxandstone was developed for the Look to Norway exhibition in Paris September 2012. The exhibition theme ”Best before” got us thinking about the duration of different materials.

As designers we usually focus on creating objects meant to last a long time, to be sustainable. We thought it would be interesting to work with wax and candles, precisely because of its short lifespan. Rather than being long lasting candles are meant to provide a certain atmosphere and experience. To underline the candles impermanence we also chose to work with stone. Stone is perceived as stable and permanent, it is the opposite of wax when it comes to durability.

The candle does not require a holder or candlestick and can be used on any non-flammable surface. The base allows it to stand on its own while maintaining the slim expression of a chandelier candle. The design refers to traditional candles, but still has an unexpected expression.

We used the stones range of colors when choosing shades and nuances for the candles. This makes the two elements relate to each other despite their differences. With both the candles and the stone plates we worked with simple and clean circular shapes, to underline our focus on the materials and their properties.

Stone: Azul Bahai (Brazilian granite) Norwegian Rose (Norwegian marble)

Candle, H 100mm Ø 24/42mm.
Stone plate, Ø 280mm H 10mm.