Spotted Mirror and Hooks

Produced by Bolia

Spotted mirror is a circular cut mirror with a hole, which allows you to hang it on the wooden hook from the set of Spotted wall hooks.

Spotted is inspired by geometry and by a search for simplicity and pureness in both shape and material. The design came out of a desire to simplify a mirror and its functions, reflecting and hanging, to a minimal - to strip it down to the pure essence. The two parts have their own material and their own task - the reflective glass mirror and the sturdy, carrying wooden hook. The circle is suitable for this because of its clear and defined shape.

Spotted mirror is easy to hang up, take down and to move around when needed. The pure and simple design makes these products fit in to many different homes.

Mirror: Ø480 mm
Hooks: 80 mm Ø 50/60/70 mm