Show & Tell
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Outdoor photos: Kaja Bruskeland
Studio photos: Marte Vike Arnesen

Show and Tell are developed for the exhibition "The State of Things" in Oslo, and they are designed based on a given brief consisting of a box full of everyday treasures and trinkets.

We worked with how you can store and show objects that are valuable to you - because they are unique and exclusive, or simply because they mean something special to you.

We were inspired by the marble, and used twisted colored glass inside the handle on the glass bells. This because the marble is a great example of an object that isn´t particularly valuable, but still can be perceived as precious and magical.

Show and Tell are glass bells with different height and dimensions, with pine wood bases. The glass is hand blown by Pål Roland Jansen from Egenart Glassmakerne AS at Bærums Verk.

The bells become independent and freestanding pieces of furniture when they are raised up and carried on the wooden bases. As a result of the different sizes and proportions Show and Tell each have their own distinctive character and personality.

Small: Ø140mm H750mm
Large: Ø190mm H1050mm